Thursday, October 28, 2010


President Roosevelt was by far one of the most praised presidents.  He was good looking (for the style of that time) and look smart and presidential.  But I want to pose to you this question.  Would he have been elected if television was in use at that time?  I know a lot of people always think of Abraham Lincoln in this type of question, but he wasn't in a wheelchair. 
Teddy Roosevelt (right) was paralyzed from the waste down and a lot of scholars do not believe he would have been elected if television was part of an election.  Image is so important in our society that even a pure genius like Steven Hawking can put people off.  All Americans talk about how beauty is really on the inside but most people look skin really ask yourself this question...would you have voted for Teddy?  He was elected into office by default because president William McKinley(left) was assassinated.  Thank goodness for that, he helped us get through World War II phenomenally.  So what do you think? Is image that important to you?

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